Monday, 7 Apr 2014 - Road warriors II - page 6

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This comic may contain
occasional nudity and grown-up mischief.

  • April 18 - The sketches keep rolling in!
  • April 12 - Another sketch!
  • April 10 - More sketch requests!
  • March 25 - S&S in Korean!  Thanks to the efforts of james5803, we have now a Korean translation of S&S.  Not all pages are done yet, but we're getting there! 
  • March 25 - Tails and Tactics is looking for guest artists for Series 2.  Want to make your mark on a fun little project?  (No, you don't have to draw like me!)  Click here for details!
  • January 19 - Time for chapter 8!  (a.k.a. the second part of chapter 7)  I don't have enough time to color the pages yet, but at least the story is able to continue :)
  • January 5 - *Deep breath* Here we go again! Updates may be a bit sporadic, but at least we're back :) I'm aiming for a strip every two weeks like the old schedule; that's as much as my work schedule would allow me. Also, check out the humble beginnings of Nine to Nine if you liked College Catastrophe!
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